St Nicholas Historic Church Laindon.


“St. Nicholas Church in Laindon is a community of faith, a place to encounter Jesus where people of all ages and walks of life will find welcome, healing, renewed strength, purpose and peace in their lives.”

Rev’d Andrei Petrine

Our services

We welcome everyone to our fantastic service every Sunday from 10:00, let your children join our brilliant developing Sunday school.  The children then showcase what they’ve worked on at the end of the service.  On the first Sunday of every month (starting at the same time) is the family service a fun and interactive service for children and adults.


St Nicholas youth initiative. 

Our initial meeting was a huge a huge success and now we must look to build on what we achieved during this meeting.  Creating a safe and welcoming Christian environment for the youth of Laindon is what we hope to acheive.  We meet on Wednesday’s 19:30 to 21:00, at Paddocks wood hall off Pound lane.

The Bishop of Chelmsford’s Easter Message  

There are two things about Easter that I think are really important, and if we don’t get them right we don’t get Easter right. First of all the resurrection is not a happy ending tagged onto a sad story; and secondly, the church is not the Jesus Christ Appreciation Society.

Let me explain. Because those of us who are in the Church know the

Easter story so well, we tend to think of the cross as the ‘sad bit of the story’ and the resurrection as the ‘happy ending’. Because we know what is coming, we are always seeing Good Friday through the lens of Easter Sunday. In many ways there is nothing wrong with this, but it can mean we are prevented from being shocked and surprised by the Resurrection. It can also mean that we leap frog over the cross and fail to stop and see the beautiful and painful reality of Christ’s death. So, in my view, it is much better to think of the Resurrection as a new beginning rather than a happy ending.

When Mary Magdalene went to the tomb on that first Easter morning she went to anoint the dead body of Jesus. She was not expecting to find anything else. When the tomb was empty, she assumed it was because people had stolen the body away. The last thing she was expecting was Resurrection. In other words the Resurrection was a surprise: as much of a surprise for people then as it is for people now. It was unimaginable and inexplicable then. It is unimaginable and inexplicable now. It is outside our experience. It is beyond our imagining. But it is the beginning of Christian faith: Jesus really died on the cross, and God really raised Jesus to life on Easter day. Without this the Christian faith is nothing, and Jesus just another good person, and the Church, therefore, just the Jesus Christ Appreciation Society, remembering the good deeds and wise words of our long dead and much loved founder. But the real story is different. What ended in defeat and death begins afresh with Resurrection. Mary Magdalene encounters Jesus in the garden not as a resuscitated corpse, brought back to resume the life he lost, but as the first piece of the new creation. And this is a new story that we are invited to be part of.

In the risen Jesus we see our destiny and are enlisted to share this with others. Jesus is present to us today as he was present to Mary Magdalene yesterday. We, the Church, are formed by the impact of God raising him from the dead and of his gift of the spirit. More than this, the Bible says that the church is Christ’s body. We are his presence in and for the world today, a new people with a new beginning and a new identity.

Happy Easter!